"Which is annoying."

@AllyBrooke I’m eating a very healthy salad AND I ACTUALLY LOVE IT WOW WHAT IS THIS

@NormaniKordei: @AllyBrooke a salad


a: WHAT? i wouldn’t do that!!

It’s just amazing how life has a way of happening, and it’s crazy because, earlier today in our long car ride over here I was thinking about how I didn’t even want to audition for X Factor, I like, prayed, literally prayed to God, I was like.. ‘God I don’t really wanna do this you can close this door, and it’s fine I’ll be happy with that, I just don’t wanna do it. BUT, if you want me to go and you’re gonna open this door? Please open it.’ And ended up opening it and so many things had happened since then. […] I’ve gone to experience so much in this journey with these 4 beautiful girls, and it’s just amazing how everything just come full circle.”

Fifth Harmony on Wolf Watch - 7/21/14

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